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The Social Impact Blog covers the latest research, thinking, and developments in social enterprise and in improving the sustainability of the social sector.  Posted approximately once per week, by reading this blog you will become better informed about the challenges facing nonprofits and social enterprises and find ideas on how you can make a difference in our society through the impact of for-profit and nonprofit socially-focused organizations.

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Open Letter to Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

Open Letter to Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs: “Let me be the first — and perhaps only — person that recognizes you for your bravery and courage; a sacrifice to align purpose within the motivation for profit.”

More Innovative Ideas to Create Impact-Then What?

The challenge of a weekend program, however, is what to do next. The unbelievably high energy of a weekend event can lose momentum quickly without some structure and guidance to hold the team and its energy together. Working with GiveBackHack, the Center for Social Enterprise Development is taking a whack at the hack by offering the weekend participants “Next Steps”, an evening of structure.

How Important is Measuring Impact?

Impact measurement has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool for social enterprises and nonprofits but recent interviews reveal a preference for stories as validation of the “social” value of social enterprises and nonprofits.

Entrepreneurship: Recent Lessons

As we learn more about what works in fostering more entrepreneurship, here are a number of recent lessons for economic development officials, grant-makers, investors, and entrepreneurs that can help Central Ohio continue to develop a thriving environment for new businesses.

When An Ideal Need Not be a Goal

Rather than look at the messages of these entrepreneurs as guidance only to become entrepreneurs, perhaps we should take a cue from the Arnold Fitness Expo and view their messages as guidance on to how to be fit businesses even if we don’t aspire to the extreme fitness of entrepreneurship.

The MidWest Is Getting On the Social Entrepreneurial Map

Central Ohio is getting on the map when one of the oldest social impact investors in the U.S., RSF Social Finance, cold calls the Center for Social Enterprise Development to ask to be introduced to our most dynamic local social enterprises and to some of our major local players.

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