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The Social Impact Blog covers the latest research, thinking, and developments in social enterprise and in improving the sustainability of the social sector.  Posted approximately once per week, by reading this blog you will become better informed about the challenges facing nonprofits and social enterprises and find ideas on how you can make a difference in our society through the impact of for-profit and nonprofit socially-focused organizations.

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Shop Smart, Shop Social

When you think about how you can give back to the community, continue to make charitable contributions and volunteer your time. But in the coming year, consider channeling some of your everyday purchases to support a cause you believe in. I call it #Shopsocial.

Revisiting the Role of Small in Economic Development

While the “home run” of helping to found the next “google” is a worthy goal, it is more probable that a series of “singles” to found and support small, local “lifestyle” businesses may contribute more to increasing prosperity and reducing poverty in our community.

Taking Stock of Where We Are

Our ultimate objective is to have a vibrant social entrepreneurial start-up ecosystem. Here are the five necessary ingredients and where I think Central Ohio currently is.

Nonprofits Again Demonstrate They Can Innovate

On October 25 nonprofits in Central Ohio demonstrated that they know how to innovate. The Center for Social Enterprise Development hosted its first Nonprofit Sustainability Showcase which featured 9 Central Ohio nonprofits and one from Nashville, TN which are using social enterprise to advance their missions.

Charitable Giving Not Keeping Up with Demands on Nonprofits

Charitable giving as a share of nonprofit revenues in the U.S. has declined each year since 2008, reaching down to just 21 percent of nonprofit revenues by 2012. This decline has two causes: the inability of charitable giving to keep up and the decision by more nonprofits to develop new sources of earned revenue, often through social enterprise.

Social Entrepreneurship Needs More Women to Engage

I have to believe that encouraging both men and women to work jointly to start and invest in social enterprise will be more successful than creating gender-isolated programs. While high tech has enough single-gender momentum to need some gender catch up, social enterprise is still young enough for us to build gender diversity from the ground up. Let’s work to make that happen!

Many Ways for Companies to Demonstrate Their Social Responsibility

I am grateful that so many companies want to be listed in the Center for Social Enterprise Development’s social enterprise directory. The frustration, for them and us, is that some are not social enterprises but they are committed to being socially responsible. There are other ways for a company to demonstrate that it is a “good guy” other than being a social enterprise.

Poll Ranks US #1 for social enterprise but no US Cities Rank

The Thomas Reuters Foundation recently polled experts in 45 countries to learn which countries were the most supportive of social enterprise. The ability to attract the skilled millennial workforce to local social enterprise is demonstrated daily. We are making progress in other categories.

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