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The Social Impact Blog covers the latest research, thinking, and developments in social enterprise and in improving the sustainability of the social sector.  Posted approximately once per week, by reading this blog you will become better informed about the challenges facing nonprofits and social enterprises and find ideas on how you can make a difference in our society through the impact of for-profit and nonprofit socially-focused organizations.

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The MidWest Is Getting On the Social Entrepreneurial Map

Central Ohio is getting on the map when one of the oldest social impact investors in the U.S., RSF Social Finance, cold calls the Center for Social Enterprise Development to ask to be introduced to our most dynamic local social enterprises and to some of our major local players.

Entrepreneurship: What’s In It for Our Communities?

We need to recognize that the value of exploring social entrepreneurship is not exclusively to become an entrepreneur. Rather, the value is always to have a meaningful experience in how to solve problems and develop new skills to solve problems.

Wants versus Needs

One of the biggest challenges in conceptualizing a profitable business by a nonprofit is the distinction between wants and needs. Having 501c3 status makes resolution of this dilemma not straightforward.

A Social Enterprise Take on Benchmarking Central Ohio 2016

I view the recently released benchmarking report on Central Ohio as a call to action to make social enterprise the focus of local economic development in contrast with the conventional development approach of million-dollar concessions to large or hi-tech companies.

Shop Smart, Shop Social

When you think about how you can give back to the community, continue to make charitable contributions and volunteer your time. But in the coming year, consider channeling some of your everyday purchases to support a cause you believe in. I call it #Shopsocial.

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