Social Entrepreneurship Major Events in Central Ohio

There are many events and programs throughout the year that celebrate social enterprise. CSED maintains a list of these key signature events on this page.



The Social Enterprise Development Series for 2017

The CSED workshop series is offered to leaders, Board members and senior managers at nonprofit organizations who wish to develop new ventures or expand existing earned-revenue operations. Through this series of hands-on workshops, you will learn how to develop ideas to help your organization generate unrestricted revenue and amplify your mission results. You’ll work on your own ideas and unique experiences, elbow to elbow with your peers. Our instructors have decades of experience helping organizations like yours transition to more sustainable models through innovation and entrepreneurship.
There are no workshops currently scheduled. Send an email to with questions or special training requests.


What’s all this buzz about social enterprise?

This free 20 minute introduction to the why’s, what’s, and how’s of social enterprise is an ideal addition to regular meetings of your board, club, or civic group. The days of fundraising as the main arrow in a nonprofit’s quiver have ended. Learn what social enterprise is and why we need more of it.

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