Social Ventures Fund

Social Ventures Fund, LLC is a for-profit limited liability company with up to 98 member investors who have pooled their money in order to make investments in start-up social enterprises that create jobs and opportunities for underserved populations and provide significant social benefit to Central Ohio.

Each investment of Social Ventures Fund, LLC must provide both a modest financial return to investors and, equally important, a measurable social impact for Central Ohio. Investments by Social Ventures Fund, LLC are financed by capital subscriptions by individual and institutional members of Social Ventures Fund, LLC.

What Are Social Enterprises?

Social enterprises are organizations that use commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. These can be nonprofit or for-profit organizations. Social enterprise investing is the provision of capital to companies and organizations to generate measurable social impact with a financial return.

Why Do I Want to Participate in Social Ventures Fund?

Philanthropy generally brings limited involvement with the service provider and the money you provide does not come back to you. CINCO’s approach of social enterprise support and commercial investment seeks to provide multiple ways for you to become more directly engaged in improving the community in addition to philanthropy as well as to return your investment to you with a modest financial return. In addition:

  • The investments produce a measurable social benefit to the community.
  • Investments are in social enterprises you have vetted and chosen; Social Ventures Fund, LLC is not a black box limited partnership.
  • You can apply your business experience to help social enterprises get off the ground through your support of the Center for Social Enterprise Development and your participation in Social Ventures Fund, LLC investment screening activities.
  • You network quarterly with other Social Ventures Fund, LLC investors who want to invest in our community’s social enterprises.
  • You can attend regular briefings on the latest developments in social entrepreneurship.
  • When the investment is repaid you can recycle your money into additional support of the Center, other philanthropy, or into additional social enterprise investments

Shares are offered by private subscription only and are open only to accredited investors and institutions. The Private Placement Memorandum contains complete information on advisory fees, distribution charges, and other expenses and should be read and considered carefully before you invest or send money.

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